BeoWulf Short Story

 Written 2008/Senior Essay


I lay trembling from the mere image of the ravenous beast. His   disfigured face, sharp claws, and sharpened teeth that dripped with men’s blood. He sprang out of the darkness killing from left to right; he turned and looked me, charging. Panting like a maniacal mongrel, he walked closer, closer, and faster toward me. I squeezed my eyes shut, hard as if to wake up from this horrifying nightmare I dreamt. I woke up in the great hall, there was dead silence, and I realized my dream was a reality. That what I had been dreaming for what seemed like endless nights was unfolding in the natural. Without my conscience the beast was lurking in the dark.

All the warriors of Hrothgars kingdom were afraid for their lives. Every night they waited in silence not knowing when their lives would end. I too waited impatiently frightened not knowing if I would have a dreadful end. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by horrific screams, which were so near by. I sprang into immediate action; the devastating cries were getting closer. My heart was beating a hundred beats a second and I scurried to try and find an exit. I knew that I had disappointed my king; I had lost my dignity, and bravery as a patrician combatant.

The excruciating cries of pain I couldn’t bear, I turned and ran in a darkened corner pleading to the gods for help. Then before me I saw the beast that haunted my nightmares tormenting my mind. Grendel looked to be standing about eight feet tall, and hairy. He prowled and pounced on the warriors fleshes. I watched closely as this atrocious creature ripped his nails into Mansferth, a close companion of mine. Mansferth had not a fighting chance, Grendel slashed at his back, him falling to the ground. Grendel grabbed his lifeless body and tore into Mansferth flesh ripping it apart so easily, exposing the flesh and tissues.

The beast gnawed at Manferth flesh for a while, the blood dripping from his fangs, and blood stained his musty fur and the area around him. The smell now of the rotting corpses lingered in the room. Grendel now satisfied


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