Everything You Do Is In Vain


What do you think LIfe is? A Cycle A Game Nothing? do you just think that what happens in life happens and thats lifes purpose for you? Some of Us is caught up in the game and thinkin we playin it but your not….Everything in this life has a purpose and its in a specific time frame for that purpose to be accomplished but us not knowing and understanding that or not even caring we go around running and chasing after things in vain when its not even our time and all were really doing is chasing after wind….When will we wake WAKE UP WAKE UP….people get a grip Man I love all yall and it saddens me yall can’t see the truth the light Like the Father says awake you who sleep awake from the dead and He will give you light…Stop chasing after things that won’t chase you back, stop loving people that won’t love you back and if they do can’t love you the way God can, stop trying to pursue things that you know your not ready for we may think so in our niave state of minds but when were out there were wishing to come back were vain, were empty LOVE? LOVE? LOVE? you don’t know what love is…Know Why? If you did you would know that God the Father sent his only son whom he didn’t have to send to save your but one that he loved so deeply Christ came so you could have life REAL life, he was slain, beaten, bruised for our transgressions, our sins…and you know what else he shows you so much mercy and makes grace sufficent for you by LETTING you live each day he does not have to do it , and he keeps on forgiving you and letting you live EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY day that when your constantly rejecting, forsaking, and turning your back on him daily, it like your crucifying him all over again as if all that he has done was in vain for nothing…all the while he is filled with compassion still reaching for you to embrace you and help you and love you though you don’t wanna acknowledge him…WHY WHY WHY…can’t NOBODY OR NOTHING SATISFY OR LOVE YOU THE WAY CHRIST DOES OUR CAN…like they say WAKE UP and smell the coffee…cuz reality is right outside your door but your blinded to the truth..why don’t you just put down all the crap your trying to do because your wasting your time theres going to be a day that you wake and realize either that you have accomplished nothing even though it seems like it or all that you have accomplished you realize was for nothing…Will You Not Listen Will You Not Go to Him, Will You Keep Turning Your Back On HIm??????????? The Enemy is out to Get You YES He is real no lie he is out to steal and kill and destroy you , You Your Personality, Your Character, Your Charimsa, Your POtential, The Thing thats inside you thats yearning for the Lord the thing thats hungry and desperate for the Lord The Devil is trying so Hard to TAKE IT, CRUSH IT AND SNUFF IT OUT….he doesn’t want you to get to God he does not want you to know you have tru purpose and destiny in God, he does not want you to follow CHrist to Love Him to Praise HIm To Worship Him to Trust Him, to Cry out for him to be thirsty for Gods RIGHTEOSNESS…The Enemy is selfish and you know where he wants you????….HELL…rIGHT WITH him because that is the Fate of the Devil that is his destiny he has already been condemned he knows where hes going and he wants to take you with him ….THATS TRUTH….If you feel like your missing something you are and it needs to be filled BUT can only be filled with God andhim only nothing and no one I say again can fill it understand that comprehend…So in conclusion know that God loves you and has come to give you a hope and a future stop what your doing…PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS.


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