False Perceptions of Natural Beauty

A terrible paper I wrote my freshmen Year, but still I thought I would post it hehe!


‘False Perceptions of Natural Beauty’

Both articles ‘Never too Buff’ and “The Natural Beauty Myth” introduce perspectives of the way men and women in society view themselves, as to how they look, and how they live their lives. Of these perceptions is “natural beauty.” The “Natural Beauty” doctrine asks women to accept themselves, teaching them that they can be “naturally beautiful.” The “Natural Beauty” doctrine teaches false perceptions, leaving women with false acuity of what beauty is. This brings me to my point that beauty is an artificial enhancement of the physical appearance.

The “Natural Beauty” doctrine   is a deceptive and false perception that teaches that women can be naturally beautiful and asks them to accept themselves as the “unnatural environment” has created them. However, if it is by the “unnatural environment” that creates women, obesity rates in women would had not increased sharply during the late 1970’s, by main causes of artificial sweeteners, inactive life styles, and over excessive eating. For if women are to accept themselves as the unnatural environment has made them, it is true to say that beauty is “unnatural” and an enhancement.

The “Natural Beauty” doctrine displays a false perception when it says that women can be beautiful effortlessly. (should have elaborated more on that sentence) The French understand that every woman can be attractive or beautiful by choice. Thus, it is (ok) to say that beauty is a discipline or feature, which is chosen, or obtained, and not “natural”. In other words what the “Natural Beauty “doctrine teaches is false, that beauty is effortless. (Even) Television shows such as the ‘Biggest Loser’ and ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” show beauty as being created or obtained by discipline and effort.(Not something that occurs naturally) (Franke-Ruta 32)

In addition, it was calculated that celebrity Jennifer Aniston spends nearly the amount of the average woman’s salary on personal trainers, and other types of high maintenance workouts. Furthermore actress Kate Hudson told interviewers that in order for her to lose her excess “baby weight” she worked out three hours every day until she lost the 70 pounds of excess fat.

Furthermore pop star Britney Spears told Oprah Winfrey that she did 500 to 1000 crunches everyday to gain, and maintain her sexy abs. however, these findings challenge the “Natural Beauty” principle which teaches that beauty is “natural” and can be obtained without effort. Thus, beauty is an artificial improvement of the appearance, which has become widely accepted, by not only women but (also) men.

For example, the usages of steroids have increased, and are most popular among men and young teenage boys, who use them to improve their appearance. Which the article by Cloud says “gives them an edge over women”, as far as masculinity. (Should have elaborated on this fact?) (Cloud 25) (Should have started a new paragraph)Ultimately what’s at stake here that makes the “natural beauty” concept so deceptive is that in actuality it attacks the self esteem of women. With women having one idea that it is ok to enhance their appearance with cosmetics, and another idea that say that they can be beautiful effortlessly. This leaves women confused not knowing if they can be beautiful and attractive at all.(Explain more?)

Beauty is an outward improvement of the physical body that has been accepted by both men and women. Beauty has been made accessible to all it does not come effortlessly or naturally as the “Natural Beauty” doctrine teaches. Beauty is a choice. The media press, Garance says has been wrongly accused in giving women false ideals of beauty. In actuality says the press has exposed the real relations between beauty and effort, discipline and weight. (Franke-Ruta 32) Just as it takes self discipline to be a lawyer or pianist, beauty can be obtained by this same self discipline, for example to lost or maintain a particular body weight. While money helps, beauty is an effort, it does depend on what the individual will do to improve, and maintain their outward appearances.

My point is that enhancing your appearance does not make you less of a person, but is perfectly acceptable. In conclusion wanting to look and feel attractive enhancing your appearance artificially is better. It’s better than being left with false deceptive perceptions of what beauty is, and left with low self esteem. Of course, many will probably disagree with the assertion that beauty, and even “natural beauty” has anything to do with beauty, or attractiveness at all. Yes some readers may challenge the view that beauty is what is on the inside, a person’s personality, goals or aspirations, and not what they appear like on the outside.

Though I concede that in part what makes a person beautiful is what is on the inside, I still insist that it is ok to improve your appearance with cosmetics and the latest fashion trends, or even steroids, and that the issues and controversies about outward appearances are not caused by beauty industries, but by the perceptions of how people look at each other. Many people today have tended to have so much emphasis on external and material things that it has in part contributed to beauty industries creating a mass amount of things that can enhance outward appearances, of low self esteem in women, and even the “natural beauty” concept itself.




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