Its Like Having A Winning Lottery Ticket…..

God is always speaking to us, revealing things to us, showing us who we are, in him, who he is, and how he works. GOD even tells us you need to do this or that because what i have revealed to you cant really begin to grow nd mature within you, and change how you think unless you get some faithfulness, discipline, dilifence, and obedience under your belt. Its like have a winning lottery ticket but your still at the crib chillin nd not going in to claim your earnings even though you know your a winner. Gods like this is what i ave for you but your still stuck on that…maybe im preachn to myself…something God told me..I need you to grow up, you cant be a babe forever…..maybe this is a word for us all, lets get faithful w/ god, and he will get faithful w/ us…..justsaying

Jose Luis Mieza Photography

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