Not Philosphy, Godology = TRUTH

So I got this qoute in my graphic Design Class, and the assignment was to read thhis qoute and interpret it visually, however not for the context that it is, no she wanted us to think outside the box, and represent our qoute thats not so literal but could be understood for what it was, and interpreted in many different ways by many…So my qoute was



“Change is the Law of Life” or “The law of life is Change”

So I started out by breaking down the qoute…



What’s Life: A way of living

What’s Law: Rules, Principles, that either govern how we should behave, or think, or live, fact;

What’s Change: Action, something you do, or something that happens to achieve a purpose, or goal.



So I came up with this principle of Change Principles + Change = Life

just like e=mc (squared) and 2+2=4, or y=mx+b so it is the same with change.



Now how this ties in with GOD (which I believe the holyspirit showed me) was that Gods principles are already set, what he has alerady spoken IS, and shall come to pass, because what God speaks does not return to him void, and like it says in Deut, that God has placed before us life, and death, blessing and cursing.



Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, its what I got was..



Changing the way you think will cause there to be a change in how you react to different situations, in life etc… Gods principles are set, but how you choose to change determines how you will live your life, and how your life will play out. (prov 4:23 Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life)



So lets look at Adam and Eve God place before them The “Tree of Life” “Tree of Death” his principles/word was set/established so they had a choice and they chose death so the change that took place within them because of their choice gave way to sin…



So believers Gods word/principles are set/established God is calling for us to transform our minds by his word, which TRIGGERS CHANGE thus giving us access to LIFE = REAL LIFE.





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