Reasons My Mom Should Be Nominated Best Mentor

@nbushell‘Reasons My Mother should Nominated Best Mentor’                 


My mother deserves the award of best mentor, because of her character as a woman. She puts God first, and has the capacity to balance her work, family, and hobbies. She never gives up, and continues to dream, and go after her dreams. My mother refuses to be categorized by society, in other words, she does not let the world tell her who she is, what she should do, or who to be in life. She believes that all things are possible, and that what she does for others, God will do for her. Most importantly she teaches me these principles, and believes this for everyone, that no one should allow himself or herself to be labeled in society, but to believe that all things are truly possible. In our society it is hard to find a person with these aspects, but my mother has all theses attributes.

In addition, she deserves the award of best mentor, because of her character as a mother. My mother is a strong woman, in her profession as a businesswoman and as a mother.  She has a strong nurturing and caring spirit.  There were times when I felt my entire life crashing down before me, and I felt like all odds were against me. My mother was always compassionate, understanding, and encouraging, ensuring me things would be better. She always would tell me what I needed to do on my part to change, so that I could see things start to get better, and continue, to increase in my life.  Although my mother understood the troubles that I was battling, she never let me off easy, and it was in her disciplining me that I learned to be strong, and to never give up.

My mother has kept a good attitude, and perspective in life, about herself, and me. My mother has, had to endure through an enormous amount of hardship, and difficulty in her life. However when times were difficult she endured. She did not become dismayed; she kept a positive attitude, and worked harder. My mother has taught me that when things appear difficult, or bad, do not give up. She has taught me that those things are temporary, and that I have to work hard, and let God lead me, because in the end my hard work will pay off. My mother’s ability to keep a positive attitude is what makes her such a good mentor, and mother.

My mother always looks for the good in others, she believes only good about others. She believes in loving and helping others despite of hurts, and wrongs done toward her. I have gotten into a lot of trouble in my life, and I have hurt my mother in many ways, however she never stopped loving me. She never gave up on me, she continued to care for me, and provide for me, and believes in me. Although I stayed in trouble for a time, she never believed less of me, in other words, she never stopped believing that I would be successful. She believed that I had talents, and gifts, and that I would use them, and be successful in life. I believe that all parents want their children to be successful in life, but I believe that not parents encourage their children to produce character, so that they can stay successful. My mother has not only encouraged me to be successful, but to also yield excellent character. She has encouraged me to maintain integrity, femininity, and purity. My mother has believed the best about me, and continues, to now even more.

Furthermore, my mother does not compromise her integrity or faith. In other words, at times when people would make the decision to compromise their morals, or be dishonest because of circumstances, my mother stays honest.

My mother gives me wisdom, and sound judgments. There have been times that my mother has given me her opinion on a matter, whether I asked her for it or not. However her opinion made sense, and helped to shape my thoughts, and views about myself, for example how to be a sophisticated young lady, and how to carry myself appropriately. There are many mothers that are not as concerned about how their children present themselves in society, that’s why I know that my mother cares about me, and that makes her an excellent mother, and role model.

In conclusion, it is not just always what you do, that makes you an excellent mother, but it is who you are as a person. It is important that what you have experienced, learned, and know, you pass on to your children. My mother has passed on her attributes to me, which has prepared me for this world, both emotionally and physically, and all the hardships that it may throw at me. It is because of her influence, in both my life and others, she should be nominated best mentor of the year.


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