Receiving The Vision

Receiving the Vision

You Live in a Generation of Dreams and Vision.


What? is Vision, vision is pure, and is the manifestation of god
Pure-unmixed, clean;
Manifestation-obvious, reveal, show;

Who? Not be to be when receiving, or received a vision from god, being self seeking, thinking you can get to the vision god has shown you on your own, or that you don’t need God.
How? Keys to visions that work
Received visions are Recorded Visions (written somewhere permanent on tablets)
When you have received the vision from god write it down
• To be of remembrance
• To be a helper to you when things are at a stand still
• For confidence and courage

Where?- You need to remember your vision while your in your wilderness experience staying committed to god even when it doesn’t seem like your moving anywhere,

1. Your vision reminds you that the vision you received from god is real because visions from god are pure, god has showed you things in your vision that you know will come to pass because you visualized yourself in it.

2. god said in his word that I will be with you and watch over you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land, I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you Gen 28:14-16 . So you know it’s true because god can’t lie.

When? Your vision won’t come faster by you doing anything out of the ordinary, or by you crying, and pleading at God.

Why? Because God doesn’t function of earths time but he works on purpose driven time
Purpose-determination, intention, aim, planned;

So God will allow you to move forward in what he has called you to by what is planned, your whole calling is planned out you just have to hear from God, stay alert, and follow the steps. It may be something you have to do in later time, weeks, months, years, maybe, or something you have to say, it could also be the things you have to grow in, before you received what god has promised.

So don’t lose hope, or faith, or focus

And get the vision while young not giving unto youthful lusts

2 be continued

Jasmine M. Shavers



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