Reevaluation of that Question of Thought

Who ever said that God is not God your here aren’t you? Who said that God does not love you, your still breathing aren’t you? Who said that God is not God how do you think you got here the big bang theory? Ha

Who said that God was not a miracle worker?……..

I had an what they call an outstanding balance of tuition fees due to my school at wayne state of exactly 328.80 because of doing things not deceit and in order and dropping a class at the last min (Pointer #1 know what classes you are going to take before entering your freshman year of college and REGISTSER EARLY) any way I owed this bill and they were telling me that I had to play either 50 bucks in installments until it was paid off in or in full because the bill was sented to me back in septemeber and kept rising so I did not know how I was going to do that because at that time the job I was working wasnot payin me enough and the folks just could not do it right at that time so Im like lord please show me some mercy your word says that though are the troubles of the righteous but you deliver them from them all Psalm 34 near the end of the semester accounts receivable (I know it was God) allows all students who owe a balance to sign a contract saying that we would have the payment a week before the next semester starts Jan 9 in full so Im estatic at this point adn thanking God so I quit my one job and god blesses me supernaturally with another 2 days later as a christmas break job working me 30-35 a week which after that job has ended I would have the money and before school starts wow I know, so thats going all well buuut then because some things happen I blame myself i get fired from that Job but I ask god to forgive me from my irresponsibilities and I learned lesson from whole experience but then im outa a job and they give me a check for 203 bucks my bill is 328 so i’mlike I know I worked more hours than this and somedays over time wheres the rest that gets straightned out and my manager tells me O wellpay you on the %th I’m thinking thank god the bill amount is due that friday so I go to my job on the fifth my check is not there I get in touch with my manager O you get paid the next pay cycle I’m freakin out and I don’t know what I’m gonna do my parents can not give it to me either…. so its wednesday I don’t know what Im going to do and I just get on my knees and I pray and confess Gods word over this situation and I thank God that he has already handled the situation thats its fixed in Jesus Name….now Im here on thurday Jan 8 and classes have not started yet and the money is due tomorrow I get on the Phone to call financial Aid and see what can be done about the balance that I owe because I have no MONIES! Note when I woke up this morning I sense that the Holy Spirit was telling to fast today and not eat I had even gotten out the pan and eggs to cook!!!! but I wanted to be obedient and so I did not instead I blogged around on the internet for a while then I got on my knees to pray again and thanked God that that situation was handled and sat down and wrote my confession out for 2009 what I was believing God to do and all while I Had been praying I heard this the Lord telling me that whenI cry to him he would answer me that when I spoke to him he would hear he told me that I would grow in the powerof the Holy Spirit that I was his child andhe loved me clear as day I kid you not…After I had done praying I had an expectation that God was going to do something supernatural in my life regrding this situation thats when I got on the phone to call financial aid guess what no answer I know I had waited to late to call they close at 430 i called around 4 bad move I know and I prayed and ask God to please have mercy on me for waiting to late to call Lord Im sorry and Im still trusting to so I was saying to myself to avoid this problem next year im going to plan what classes im goin got need to take and sign up early (I was thinking ahead) so i get on the computer go to my pipleline(schools/student webpage) to look at classes now when you log onto your pipeline student tab on the right side it always brings up your finincial aid status like if you owe any money or what not now a week before the balance I owed was 328.80 I loooked at it is said -918.90 something like that and accound balance of $0.00 I did not understand that so I went into my summary just looking around and stumbled across something that said if you owe any balances you can request that it be taken out of your financial aid that was being refunded back to you! all you had to do was sign a contract that bill stuff outa of th way so I am again estatic so I get on the phone to call my mom to make sure that I fulllly understand what was going on but of course she is at work NO Answer so i just continue to go through my account information and I stumbled across another page that said I had some things that had not been recieved or not signed somethign that I had had a problem with and could not fix just a week ago I look at the information click on a few things by ttime i had done all that what needed tobe signed and received WAS it had went through with no compications like before it ws licked sealed and delivered so I was going to wait until my mom got home so that she could look at what I had discovered so I signed off when on email to check to see if I had any ew emails apprrently I did from MY SChool I open it up it says that a formed was signed that money token out of my financial aid would go to pay off thedebt that I owed and the -918 dollars was the amont that would be disbursed back to me after they had taken the money that was needed to pay the bill!!!!!!!!!! So God has worked a miracle for me yall taken care of the debt that I owed showed me some mercy allowed me to “stumble” across soem things and signed what needed to be signed with no complications no problem with my classes or the money deleivered tome to get my books I may not have that muchleft over after I getmy books but praise God anyway cuz he fufilled his word in spalm 34 he got me out of this mess!!!!!!!!I have another testimony I’m just estatic………..


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