Scholarship Writing I did In 11th Grade

Scholarship Writing

There are millions of families living in our world today. With these families come traditions, culture and family values. Families live together, build together, and grow together. These create lifelong memories, sharing moments of laughter, love kindness, happiness and pleasures which bind them all

In unity. Children remember the special experiences, and times they spent with their families, as well as the bad. In those experiences is where memories are kept forever.

I have shared so many good times and also bad times as well. My family has had to endure through so much, and our relationships with each other are growing everyday. We aren’t the wealthiest family around, where we are all constantly going out enjoying the luxuries of life. Like its said money can’t buy happiness in families especially when it can cause strife.

The most memorable family activity that I shared, with my family is family talk. Where my family sits back and remembers the things of the past that was funny or of my parent’s childhood. Sometimes my parents would sit at home not having much to do, but would talk about the childhoods. Like what types of candies they act. What their favorite cartoons were. Who were their favorite music artists as young teens, and what fashion trends are in.

it’s just interesting to know how your parents acted as teens, or things that were of interest to them. I learn so much about my parents and it gives me a picture of how it was like growing up in their times era. Sometimes our whole family sometimes talks about things that were comical that gives the whole family a laugh.

I am also able to share my memories and interest with my family too. They can get to know more about the real me, and even compare their lives and interest to mine life. Being open with my family, and the togetherness that we share always shines a light in my heart and gives me great joy. Being with my family not only gives me joy, but it encourages me and gives me hope.


Many families aren’t close at all. The bad experiences or situations’ happening in their lives has overcome all the good ones and it clouded their minds. There are so many broken that haven’t been mended. My family has had to battle against so much distress, and afflictions and we still are. We haven’t allowed those issues though to lead us apart, but we have triumphed through them all.




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