Stumbling Blocks

Is it possible for someone to be their own stubling block in their lives? Yea it is. Sometimes people dont live up to their responsibilities nd they blame evrything and evryelse for the issues n their lives, what they dont have, etc, etc; And you know as believers we can do the same….sometimes we ask God Lord why isnt this happening, or why hasnt that happened, or when will I be able to do this or that, but I believe God looks bewildered nd thinks…well…when are you going o act? When are yu going to get ur stuff together nd do what I told you? Sometimes we can even wonder why things in our lives are redudnant nd keep reoccurring, but we need to ask ourselves am I my own stumbling block? When the holyspirit reveals things to me about who I am, about Gods word, nd when god begins to show us who he is, what do I do? When the holyspirit gives us an unction to do something do we listen? If any of us asnwered yes to any of these questions then we gotta reanalyze ourselves, do a check and balance. 2 b continud


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