That Kind of Maturity

  April 11, 2012…Late Night

This note isn’t gonna be a really long and drawn out one (I hope)  but….

Some people may think that the best way in dealing with some things is to maybe not think about them, or to avoid them all together, but in certain situations, certain life situations thats just not the case, sometimes those things come back around, heading toward us head on…

Just being honest thats how I’ve tried to deal with issues in my life, something happens, dont  like it, or it doesn’t work out so I shun away from it and try to avoid it all together, not thinking about it ,dealing  with it, but then get really frustrated or confused like Why the heck does this keep coming up? 

But guess what? I never really dealt with it, at the root of that thing, never made a real clear, life changing decision about it , so I stumbled over that thing often, and hard. Now I’m not saying I’m Ms Good-2-Shoes and have it all down pack, because I don’t and there are things still in my life that I haven’t dealt with, but by the power of the holy spirit and Gods word I’m trying to deal with those things when they surface and not let them be a hindarance for me anymore. You just have to get tired of being tired I guess….

When Something happens …you mature in ways, you have a new mindset toward that thing, and yea though problems, temptations, complications may arise I’m so stuck on where I wanna be and what I want in my mind and heart  I won’t let them faze me , I stop, regroup, and press harder….

So I said all this to say you can’t grow or mature in something by avoiding, and shunning away from things that we know we gotta face, The way you KNOW you’ve matured is when the ugly thing, that testy thing comes, and though it rocks you and trys to knock you off your square your sticking with your guns, seeking God about that, moving some things, changing some things, doing some things differently, having self control, excercising patience, speaking to your soul like soul stop being desperate! Whatever because you seek to proclaim what Jesus already said we have VICTORY and power over the enemy.

So I know with a situation in my life, I knew I matured lots when it came back around and how I’ve handled it, how I’m handling it now, But really Praise Be To Jesus Christ and his sprit within me, cuz I don’t always get it right, but the holy spriit always there to nudge you 🙂


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