The Good and Bad Of YouTube: Term Paper

Eng 1020 Term paper

The scripture in John 10:10 are true when it says, “The devil comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy, and I came that they may have life, and have it in abundance.” For a long time, in society there were the haves and have-nots, educated and not educated, the rich and the poor, however this mentality and way of life in society has took a dramatic turn for the better.  Our society has experienced a dot-com bubble, starting with the invention of the Internet in 1993. The advancement of technology has not only increased the stock market, but also has increased the productivity and knowledge spillovers of our nation. Technology has tremendously advanced, that people are gaining insight, knowledge, and information about the world they live in, and the many resources available to them. It is from these resources that people have been given opportunities of gaining a college education online, that many entrepreneurs have been born, and that the productivity of our nation is increasing, despite the downturn of the economy. There has been a widespread of programs, and services offered across the world wide web that has contributed to this increase of productivity and knowledge spillovers in our nation, one being YouTube. YouTube started in 2005, and attracts millions of viewers every day and is one of the prime contributors to the spillover of knowledge and productivity. YouTube with its slogan “Broadcast Yourself” began allowing people to upload home videos of all kinds, however quickly turned into multi-mega knowledge, business, and advertising community. YouTube will continue to be a major contributor to the increase of knowledge spillovers and productivity of our world.  YouTube satisfies many needs, has much strength, and has such a great impact on society, however as many social communities do, YouTube also has its weaknesses, and creates many unintended consequences.

Although YouTube does not directly meet people essential basic needs, it meets the social needs of people, one being entertainment. YouTube first gave people the ability to upload creative original home videos, which brought in a stream of “funniest home videos,” however recently there has been a streaming of movies, music artist CDs, celebrity gossip, and televisions shows available for viewers to watch and listen to. Members of YouTube now have the option of not having to buy musicians music, or purchase tickets to a movie, or have cable to catch up on their favorite shows or celebrity news, when much of it is available on YouTube. For example, you no longer have to purchase an issue of STAR magazine to find out about the latest Miley Cyrus Boyfriend News.

In addition, YouTube also contributes to people’s knowledge about a variety of things. YouTube offers a wide range of “How To” videos, from software tutorials, and braiding hair techniques, to dog training techniques, and writing your first fiction book. It is resources such as these made available by YouTube, that contribute to the productivity of our country. People are becoming educating in a variety of things allowing them to move up in the social class of society, and in corporate America. For example (Interview will be here from my dad who through finding out information about things such as photography, software editing, and videography from the internet, as well as YouTube, he was able to jumpstart his non-profit and media business)

YouTube also meets the social needs of educational information. For example, videos on sex and drug education are available on YouTube, textbooks, and pamphlets are no longer needed to educate students on the importance of abstinence, drug prevention, or drunk driving. For example, YouTube offers videos on the importance of drug prevention, statistics, and also even shows real life stories of those who were once on drugs.

(In this Paragraph I will take the time to mention and talk about the downsides of YouTube, right now didn’t feel like writing it)

Most importantly YouTube has had a major impact on society in a variety of ways. For example, YouTube has made it possible for the less educated to become more educated, by offering a range of “How To” videos. In addition it has made advertisement easier and affordable, giving businesses the option of uploading their commercials on the services and products they offer. The societal impacts such as these will continue to impact society into the future. In other words, social video communities like YouTube will change the business and advertisement world tremendously. It is YouTube that will give ideas to other social media networks, about business, and advertisement.







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