Wrong Entrance

Just an awesome analogy that God gave me……

So you have pulled up to this awesome looking building its large like a stadium of some sort there is no one outside but you can hear crowds of people inside, its roaring its hype. There is a concert going on that you were a little late for but you get out of the car and make your way to this awesome building. You walk up and the security is there waiting to let you in you  however  do something uncalled for, weird you begin to try to find another way into this awesome concert. you tried the back door and you get in but when you enter all you hear is the roaring crowd and the music but you don’t see anything or anyone so you leave and go out the back door to the side door. You enter the side door this time you are in the midst of the crowd  and you are catching pretty good glimpses of the stage and everything that is going on but there is alot of people but for the most part you are engage and enjoying your self, but the person who had paid for your ticket to get in  had paid for you to get upfront room seats to this awesome concert but somewhere along the way you forgot that and dont realize it  you become satisfied with what you have with where you are you are to comfortable with where you are.

Now catch this, God showed me that, that person was me and sometimes it can be some of us that we are saved and become part of this awesomeo god family and we are engage in this family and our relationship with God (hint the crowd) we have grown alot but somewhere along the way we forget that Jesus paid a price (hint our ticket) for us to get front row seats into the kingdom of God and into eveything that goes along with that. but we have been trying to get in through the side and back doors completley bypassing the front door, and when we get in through the side door we only are getting glimpses of what god has for us reasons? it could be alot we don’t know we have these front row tickets, we don’t know why god would want us to have them, or we don’t know why god chose us , or we think that this is a good as its gong to get that i’ve grown enough or that this is where i’m staying , or we just don’t know.

But God showed me that he chose me US! we didn’t chose him and it wasn’t for us just to get a small glimpse ( or just to get saved) and live no its more through those front doors through the (power of the holy spirit) God wants to grow our testimony even more he is not done with us yet god wants to transform us in alot of areas that we are not even aware of  but we have to be led and directed by the hloly spirit (Gal 5)   let us continue in our relationship with God and be led by his spirit talk to him seek him listen to him when he speaks to us lets make decisions for the kingdom and god will help us  lets surrender to the spirits satificatin process! and if we are not saved read this and look at how much god loves us and he wants sooo much for us and him give  your life to him!

Lets Go Through The Front Door in Jesus Name:)


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