Fight The Good Fight Of Faith

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Im saying this to all believers all certified believers, and I am saying this to everyone that does not know the Lord also…..The devil is trying to do ALL that he can to destroy you, destroy your destiny, destroy your life, destroy your potential, and just completely run you into the ground until there is nothing left but dust….Have you ever looked at someones life or someone you knew watch their lives turn into shables how they were once one person and suddenly without warning changed and they were not the same person? Thats what the enemy does he ATTACKS your life in many areas, areas where you have weaknesses, areas where you are most vulnerable, areas where your can be easily manipulated, areas where it can hurt you deeply like your family, or friends, areas where no one knows about but you, areas where you feel unwanted, unloved, hurt depressed what ever the case he take those things and turns them upside down bringing you to pieces. The devil throws darts, offenses, tumbleweeds, blockades, arrows all sorts of things, but thats not even the half of it he throws things your way, and tries to destroy but he also throws in deceit where you THINK that what you have been doing is ok, or right that the way you have been thinking is ok, that even what you have been going through, and experiencing is normal and that its ok for you to feel this way and go through this…..Friends family this is a LIE teh enemy wants to snuff out your life in all ways possible and he will not let up, he will not play fair, he will do all he can to give you a bad report and make you feel insignificant, insecure, worried, and that your not a child of God first understand that God forgives ALL THINGS and he loves you and you can turn to him you can rely on him first and formost not anyone else will do you like God or like God can The enemy especially targets us young people as well because he know the potential that we have he uses music, sex, drugs, boys, girls, offenses, overwhelm overloads from school, family problems, jobs, friends to trap and confuse us and get in our way where we cannot see cleary. We have to make a serious decision in are we going to live for God or not we cannot be one foot in the world and one foot with God God says no other gods before me and Joshua says chose this day whom you will serve, God or Man? We have to stop the enemy in his tracks we cannot keep thinking that what we are doing is OK and dandy “oh nothing is going on between us im focused” or “I know I won’t” we cannot be niave the devil has no power in our lives only if we allow him to how can a strong man be bound and tied up and his goods stolen if firs the did not let in the thief? If we let the enemy have way in our life then we are accepting that fate that path BUT we do not have too I know this letter is long an strung out but im tired of hearing bad reports of my brother and sisters in christs family and friends because they let the enemy have a food in their lives and has allowed that veil to cover their eyes again, and Im not just beating this across everyone elses head but mine as well Im still human Im not perfect im still a teenager I have temptations they come all the time and Im a believer but I chose not to participate in what the enemy trying to do, and I will do all that I can to get the iniquity out of my life and rely on Gods spirit to help me and know that you can to. Stay encouraged keep the Faith, have hope, and FIGHT THR GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! in Jesus Name

Sometimes it can hurt badly and be a disappointment when one realizes that when we stake our lives, our hope, our trust, even our futures in things of this world and people of this world and it falls through, and we are lift with nothing. So we thought that everything would work out the way that we thought or how we imagined how it should be but thats not how life works, there is always so much going on in the world, in our own lives but we all know that there are those times where we are alone, quiet, still wondering could there be more to life than this, is there a God, where is my life going to be years from now, is this all that I want, is there a purpose for my life, what is it. Sometimes we give to much credibility to others, to ourselves then the next thing we know we feel overwhelmed, were stressed, were confused, its just so much crap in our lives, then people let us down, our expectations drop which just adds to the mess, I can find myself getting like that sometimes and let me tell you it is not a good feeling in fact it is an attack from the enemy we don’t have to feel the way we may feel, or even deal with things on our own, why because we have God. It says in Psalm 40:31 that when we seek and wait on the lord he renews our strength and we soar like eagles wings meaning that when we seek God and wait on him he renews our strength where we are able to have been and strength to face and get through lifes challenges and difficulties but not alone and not on our own fuel its gods, and it also says in psalms 115:9-18 “Trust thou in the lord for he is your help and your shield, he has been mindful of us and he will empower us more and more yall in God we find that security we have been looking for and that purpose in our lives, its where we are not alone we have help we have protection I don’t know about yall but thats what i needed to hear that God has my back and he always has and always will and that he never leaves me and that im never alone no matter how overwhelming school, school work, work, family, or friends may get we can do all things through christ who strengthenes us phil 4:9 and all things are possible to those who believe mathew 19:26 “NOT BY MY POWER NOT BY MY MIGHT BUT BY GODS SPIRIT WE CAN SUCEED IN JESUS NAME! BE BLESSED YALL.

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