Girls There Not Going Any Where…

What is it about them their charm, their good looks, their personality, their intelligence, their unique characteristics, their swagg, their style, maybe its their game??? One thing that all these things I just described is that these are all temporary things, things that don’t last, things that can change, things that can be found false in a person.
Question how Could we possibly utter the words “I love You” and not know what real love is, how can we utter those words and not understand who we REALLY are?…..

If we knew what love is we would understand Gods Love and sacrifice for us, and all that he gave, all that he gives, and will continue to give when we trust him, but yet we pretend that we don’t understand what he came on the earth to do, how because we reject him, we disobey him, we do not follow in his ways, we have a doublemind thinking that we can have one foot in the world and one foot out…how is that how can that be, that confuses me so….

If we knew who we are we as young ladies, as women we would understand that it is not the man who completes us, who fill us, who makes us whole, but that it is God, yes God has created a specific person for us all to be with but we are to first understand who we are in God above all other things, because its then that we understand that that its then we are able to Love another, really love MATURELY…not with our emotions, not with our heart, not with our words, not with out brains which are things of the FLESH God did not create us nor ordain us to be in a relationship or marriage and completely lose ourselves, lose control because we are running on fuel of emotions when we think that we love someone or in love with someone do you know how dangerous that is loving someone with emotions is reasons why a woman would go back to someone who beats them and verbally and physically abuses them, why one looks for love in the wrong places, loving on emotions you don’t how to love or what love is so you express love in ways for which it is not purposed for a young lady can be so wrapped up in the thought that “man I love this dude, I’m feeling him, hes cool, deceit, and I love him” its in words like that that some girls settle for less when they do not even know it, that they give away their treasure when its suppose to be kept sacred, and they give away something that’s not supposed to be given away until it has been fixed and cleansed…Your HEART.

When we love God, God does not want us to love him with emotions in fact he wants us to really die to it because its of the flesh it gets in the way of true worship, and love, God wants us to love through action and trust, its character based, its really knowing a person its like a entrepreneur starting a business and invests in that business knowing the risk but willing to take it, willing to trust and the results are a harvest, so If God does not want us to love him with emotions but with trust do you really believe he wants you to TRY and love someone else with emotions also, if so your are deceiving your self.

You don’t love with emotions or words or anything else or way you may be thinking love is truth, love loves through bad and good, thick and think, up’s and down, love is willing to work through anything, love is not running out and away when problems occur, love is not willing to give up when things get tough like 1 Cor 13 says love conquers all, love does not envy, love hope, love is not proud love rejoices in truth, read it there’s more to love than one would think

All I’m saying is lets not be so quick to give our hearts, our treasure to someone that we think we love, that we think completes us even when the stake may be too high because we get hurt, or dogged out sometimes and all we thought was there really wasn’t or really all along is not, but some guys are only looking for one thing sex point blank it does not matter how fine we think we are or how wrapped up we may think we have some dudes boy still look for one thing some boys are not so upfront with it, while some will charm you, and pamper you but will be looking for THAT after a while……we know as woman we operate on emotions but we cannot let that run our lives thats dangerous!!! If we feel that we are missing something that we find in a guy go to God for those things let him deal and help, and deilver you in those things

If you don’t get anything out of all I said just don’t be so quick to jump into a relationship and willing to jump out of one when you think well were done it doesn’t work that way that’s outside the will of God no where does it say in the bible about numerous numerous numbers of boyfriends, it does say “He that findeth a wife finds a good thing” not her who finds a man finds a good thing we trust God for the He right? lol yes!!! Boys are not Going ANYWHERE! there is a time for everything ECC:3 even for dating which is at a mature age and we have a more understanding of who we are and what we want and what we are looking for know that God does have so much for you, even a husband…question is will you trust him to send that man in your life…but when he knows your ready?


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