You Have to Catch the Flow

Its so Good to know that God is always speaking that he is always moving flowing God is always speaking even when we are not listening he speaks through his word and warnings and most awesomely through his promises where we find hope assurance confidence joy peace rest and everything else! It just feels so good to me that when I sit down to read my word and study that the lord is meeting me there to speak tome through his just as he would when I go to pray its great and he speaks to us personally because he is a personal God not a religous God or fantum he is personally so when I read my word its as if God replaces some words or name with my own speakign directly to me assurring me showing me that he loves me that he mindful of me and that he had a hope and future for me For the lord knows his thoughts toward us thoughts of peace not evil to give us a hope and a future jer.29


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