That Turning Point In Your Career

This post might now give you a definite answer, if this is a question that you have asked yourself. Its a question that I’ve asked myself, wondering if I have reached that point or am I nearing it. I think when your in college, the career paths that you decided to take, establishes how others will view you, when you declare that major, and after you have landed that first Job after graduation. But for some career choices, I think one has to prove themselves, maybe because others may not take it seriously, or think you won’t make any money in that field, or because that line of work is so competitive some may think its a waste of time. So may say well “I’m not in for proving myself to anyone, its my life, its my career, and that is a true statement, and I believe that, that’s part of the turning point, going for something, and doing something you love to do, and that your passionate about…..

I think when it comes to graphic designers, this issue of proving yourself, and turning points is a big issue. I often wonder when will people actually take me seriously as a designer? I’ve done multiple jobs, and projects, and things of that nature, I’m a now senior, majoring in Graphic Design, but I sometimes get that feeling I’m not taken seriously. Graphic Design to some is so vague or to broad because everyone does it, its nothing for someone to go, to your local Barnes and noble and pick up a ton of books on “how to be a graphic designer” then start creating designs, and making money. I remember being in one if my graphic design courses and my professor told us, the difference between you and your software, and someone on the street per say and their software is that you will properly learn how to use it, while making it look good, not just making it look Good.

But I wonder is that enough? I think that graphic designers are being threatened by people who never stepped foot on a campus. It is things like that have made me wonder, why the heck am I  going to school for this, hacking up thousands of dollars in debt,graduate, and someone else takes a job from up under me. Yes this can be argued “Well if your a good designer, with real talent, you don’t have anything to worry about” ……true. true. and I know if thats the case, again why am I in school? So at times I’ve often wondered was I cut out for this, maybe I should have went to school for something more distinguished like Doctor, Lawyer, or psychiatric, maybe then people will respect your craft more.  I think its a let down sometimes when you know a software in and out, you’ve got talent in this, your passionate about something but then your still being told, someone else can do it better than you, or have known this longer than you, so you feel disqualified.

But in all, I can’t go off these, I just have to believe God, continue on in my career, constantly educate myself in many different types of literature, and have fun. Like I said this may not have answered anyone questions but its something to think about.

Maybe that’s the turning point when you realize you live in a BIG world, with people doing a lot of the same things, and you believe what you are doing, is your purpose, its what you love to do, its fulfilling, and that your going to make it. 


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