Never Let Problems Go Unresolved

This is a pretty short post today.

I think that its really super important to never let problems go unresolved, or let things blow over, because that causes issues within yourself, and when you feel like you have no peace and your weary its those things that you buried. Sometimes there are things we just have to take to God and release them to him, and sometimes he taps on those issues because he wants you to just burst and tell him everything. That is why the scripture says “Cast all your cares on him, because he cares for you” So sometimes we just gotta give it all to God. But those who are in your life to stay your family, your spouse its important to talk and smooth things over, rather your hurt, or offended, it doesn’t matter, so everyone has an understanding of where you all are. Just Lines of Communication. Yea sometimes its hard and you don’t know how to approach a situation and that’s OK, heck you can even ask God to give you the wisdom to approach that issue. That’s something I’ve come to know, we can ask God for anything, about anything, practical or spiritual, I believe God is dedicated to helping us. So lets consider these things and ponder them.





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