How I will positively impact my community and nation upon graduating from college.

I would first empower, and encourage high school students and early college students that they can do this they can make it through college, and in life, despite challenges, oppositions, and obstacles. For some, college was smooth sailing however for me it hasn’t been, yes I am a hard working student, yes I maintain good grades, but not without its issues, that have tried to detour me away from obtaining my college degree, and succeeding in life. Some students drive the thought of college out of their minds, because they may think it’s too hard, they can’t afford it, or they don’t have what it takes to succeed, and that just isn’t true.

Another important way I plan to impact my community and nation, is becoming an asset to my community and nation, a citizen that doesn’t want to just take from my community, and pack up and leave to go someplace else, but  I want to pay it forward. I believe I will become more of an asset and more valuable when I take what my community and nation has given to me through proper education, and teach and give my knowledge to those in my community and nation so that they can better themselves and their lives. Teachers play some vital roles in the lives of children, and yet some still are underpaid, and underappreciated, but overworked and overwhelmed. I want to help lessen the load on teachers, while they teach students the fundamentals of learning that they will need in society, I want to inform and educate students on the opportunities they have in our new information technology age, and how this age affects them, and what it means for them.


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