The Perfect Career For Me

For some obtaining a college degree is so one can obtain a good job, and then make lots of money and live the American Dream, for me it has never been like that. Since high school I decided in my heart that whatever I decided to pursue a career in would be a career where my gifts and talents were being used at their full capacity, I wanted to change lives and make a difference in my career in the best way I knew how. My career or college major was never about how much money I wanted to make, or even living the American Dream, I naturally believed that if my gifts and talents were being utilized and I worked hard, and passionately at what I did, that finances would follow. I have always believed that the issue of Money, would in fact never been an issue. Though many told me, go to college for a distinguished career, where you can make a lot of money, but I disagreed. I carefully took the time to evaluate what I wanted to do, go to the point of even changing my major, when I decided upon graphic arts.

Since making that decision to major in Art/Graphic Design, I’ve had obstacles, challenges, and oppositions that tried to detour me away from that career choice, however I have preserved through those difficulties, and over time that career has shaped and formed into so much more than what I expected. In the beginning it was about using “my” talents and gifts, yes to create Art, and yes to change the world, in whatever ways I knew how, but over time that mentality changed. I realized how my talents and gifts can be used at their fullest capacity, which was becoming an entrepreneur to teach other students and youth what I have learned. I believe I became more valuable when I decided to teach others what I learned so they can go out and make a difference, some in a way I decided to pay it forward. So I am in my process of obtaining more and more knowledge of technology, and software, and design, which is where our society is now, so that I can give back this same information to our youth. To be this is the perfect career, a career I love, am passionate about, one in which I could do for free, and one in which I can give back. My career may not be as distinguished as a Doctor, Lawyer, or Pharmacist, but all in all it is a life changing one.


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