I Endorse My Bishop For President…

So I know those of you who know me, or of me, and the awesome church I attend and who my Bishop is, your probably saying what the heck is she talking about or rebuking but hear me out…

I know that my Bishop is the set man of God in my life and he is definitely in his set place of where God wants him to be and what he wants him to be doing, and I know he wouldn’t change that for the world, and I don’t want him too either, there is nothing more perfect than being in that place where God wants you.

But to get straight to the point of why I made the statement of why I endorse my Bishop for President is because Bishop is a man of Integrity,

a great man of God,

a man who doesn’t move forward quickly into any decision without hearing from God first,


a man who stays on his face before God,

a man who stays in God word,

a man who loves his people

a man who reverently fears God

a man with GREAT Character

these are the distinct qualities that one should look for when selecting a President..

It should never be because of the color of his skin, because your wanting change,  the kind of change that you think will change your life dramatically and in a BIG way, because you think he will bring you HOPE, because you think well the last ones didn’t do anything maybe he will, because your so DESPERATE for a leader someone to rule over you and bring you what you think you need or what your looking for ….

You know, like my Dad told me, Israel cried for a leader like it says in God’s word, and guess what?….  They got Pharaoh….

So in conclusion my Bishop has not been graced to run for Presidency, because he is in his set place, but God has anointed and appointed him to be over his people, teach them his word, be a Godly example in our lives, to be our spiritual father, teaching us Gods word so that we all can mature and not be babes in the kingdom so we can come to maturity to know what it is that God has graced us to do, and you never know God could be raising anyone of us to be

President of the United States one day…..

my name is Jasmine and I approve this message

P.S. At the end of the day we will have our next president but now and until the end of this lifetime God is still in God

Be blessed 🙂


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