The American People Have Decided : Election 2012 After Thoughts

So like many Americans last night, I too stayed up as late as I could to watch the results of the 2012 Presidential Election, some say it was going to be a tight and close race, for whatever the reason some Americans sat home nervous as the results rolled in, with some weird feeling of anticipation, anxiety, and anxiousness. In the beginning it had looked that we would indeed have a new President, however as those numbers continued to flood in, it had seemed it would again be another victory for our President Barack Obama.

This stirred up emotions of hurt, and shame for some, however, hope, and joy for others, and while so much can be said about this election both positive and negative, the American people have spoken, as it stands. The President has another long haul ahead of him, the work doesn’t stop, and the road is not easy. Despite how some of us may feel we need to take the time to pray for our President and all our leaders, they have been given a job that comes with great power and but also great responsibility, a position many of us have not the grace to do.

Most importantly I believe that it is important that we also realize that our Leaders are human just as we are with flaws, and they make mistakes, their not perfect, and they certainly are not God. Just as the President wakes up everyday by God’s grace and mercy, and works hard and believes for better, we should do the same, however thrusting our trust and hope only in God above, nothing more or nothing less.

Honestly we should not look to our President to solve every issue and problem we face in life, quite frankly that’s just too  big of a burden for one man, but not for God. The President helps us deal with bigger, deeper issues that we as one person, or a small body could not do on our own, he speaks for us, hence a democracy, the people speak. However, there  are things within our own lives that we can change to better our lives, change is good, change has to occur, its inevitable, so why not trust God, change, and grow. The President will do his best, but nothing is for sure, and some things may not be permanent, but how we change  and the good choices we make in our lives are definite, and long lasting, which could set us on a better path.

It all starts with us, change, and God’s guidance, whether we want to believe it or not.So whether you choose President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney, God is still in control. Let’s keep the President and his family in prayer, and trust that he would have a reverential fear of God, and strive to lead and and represent the American people with Integrity, and with the Grace our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ has given him.

It another beautiful day in America and life still goes on…

God Bless


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