Using Aloe Vera Juice to treat Dandruff… is WORKING! See how


So we all have had a point in our lives when our hair dries out, or our scalps have major build-ups for the hair concoctions that we use everyday, creating a terrible scalp scratching issues, and the problem of flakes on our clothing…..YUCK!


It’s common…

I have this issue, or had which after you want to call it, and the crazy thing is I no longer have my hair! I chopped it off back in 2009, so I wear my hair in very low styles so you can imagine the embarrassment if of having dandruff that can be plainly visible because of how short my hair is and quite frankly I needed to do something about it because it had been a recurring issue, so I set out on getting rid of it, and for good.

I did some research online to find out some natural remedies for treating Dandruff because I had tried to use dandruff shampoos in the past, but they hadn’t worked, and I was fed up with them. ( Maybe I just didn’t have a good brand and didn’t use it long enough for it to work, so try Dandruff Shampoos and treat your hair with it daily, and see how that goes)

I started my “Get Rid of Dandruff” journey this week Nov.26-Nov.30 but I have already begun to see results, no lie so I’ll give you a quick breakdown of my hair type, and then a quick list on what you can do to treat your dandruff. I don’t know if this will work for ALL hair types but what they hay give it a try, that’s what I did…

My Hair Type

  1. I am a African American w/ thick hair 
  2. I had the long locks but I chopped them and cut my hair to a very low kinda boy cut
  3. When I still had all my hair I had issues with dandruff but of course I was flat ironing alot, using different things to treat my hair (grease, gel, blah blah)
  4. Also I’m a college student so some days I would roll out of bed, slap my hair in a pony tail and put a hair on and wear that all day during class
  5. I have low Iron and did some research that it could have caused my dry scalp, BUT I don’t know I’m working on the anemia thing though, but don’t know if its directly related to dandruff or dry scalp (Follow up with your physician)
  6. I had been having my dandruff like…a long while…ew…
  7. Itchy, and tender scalp would follow
  8. When I would brush my very short hair flakes would just fall..every where..not cool

My Regimen ( That I started this week by the way and have already started seeing results)

  1. I started washing my hair every night ( sounds crazy but my hair is pretty easy to manage well because I have no hair! but you probably don’t need to do this however)
  2. I didn’t wash my hair however with regular shampoo ( I researched and found there is a chemical in regular shampoos that dry out the hair and can cause dandruff called “Sodium Laureth Sulfate” yea not good for the hair, so some good brands to use I’ve heard are like “fructis” and “Tree Oil Shampoos” I had Fructis at home, but I eventually want to try that Tree Oil good stuff.
  3. Monday I have my hair a Olive Oil Soak, I literally poured Olive Oil all through my hair and scalp until it was drenched, cover my hair with a hair protector, covered my pillow with some protectors LOL and went to sleep! Wash it out in the morning. ( I researched that your scalp absorbs it, giving it some moisture to treat that dry scalp, and that its good to do at least once a week, don’t know how accurate this is, but its natural so I tried it!)
  4. Tuesday night I conditioned my hair only ( you can wash and condition) then because we had a huge bottle of Aloe Vera juice at home after my wash I simply poured a median amount into a couple and poured it right  in my hair all of my scalp, raw ( It was cold too) lathered it in with my fingers, let it stand for a while, and rinsed my hair, dried it a bit, wrapped it up, and went to bed)
  5. I did step 4 every day this week, on wed after I had washed my hair, poured on my Aloe Vera Juice, I got some raw Vitamin E oil, and also rubbed like a couple palm sizes in my hair, and then wrapped my hair.
  6. Today Is Friday Nov 30. 2012 I woke up, showered, and started to comb my hair, though I still have a tender scalp, from all the scratching (I’m working on that) I have ABSOLUTELY seen an improvement, I see LESS dandruff, normally I would comb or brush my hair flakes would fly, and be all over my clothes, this morning, there is some, just not as much! I see a difference, so I came to the conclusion that what I’ve been doing is working! Praise God (Ya’ll know I love the Lord)  

So my treatments are doing something, so I am going to continue this treatment for a total of 2 weeks, while observing my hair conditions, I have decided to start letting my hair grow out, and I have become cautious as to how much I wear hats ( sometimes I wear em around the house because my head gets cold LOL) I am going to stay hydrated as well.

I am not a big fan of taking pills, but I do see how taking vitamins by mouth can help my body as well so soon I will be on the hunt for some good vitamins to take, I also need to exercise more, we as humans, just need to be well balance in our lives.

I am a Graphic Design, I designed and work on projects all day every day (literally in front of a computer so sometimes I don’t give my body all the attention it needs, but I see how important it is now.

So I will keep you guys updated with my results, but go out get you some of these items, and just try it, it can’t hurt, they are Natural Remedies, not chemicals, ya know. Let me know how it goes.

Do some research online to find out where you can buy some raw Aloe Vera Juice in your local food/health stores, and also find out how Aloe Vera has other beneficial properties like hair growth!




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