New Revelation: You Get What You Believe God For

“Never lose out on an opportunity when it is presented to you because you could soon regret it.”
God created us to do good works, when we face situations that are bad and unknown, God already knew about them and already prepared a way for you to come out. There are things that God has for us to do, kinda of like when someone is appointed to a job, a job in which they already have, but which they just haven’t started yet, and the things that hinder that appointed or the start of that job is sometimes our own selves, we become so filtrated with the cares of this world, and dominated by our flesh, and rely less and less on the Holy Spirit for guidance ,and God is like if you could just get over that, and see that I am what you need, I got what you need = a radical life change and revelation
God reminded me of something that I had heard before which is God is still the awesome same God that performed all those great miracles and where those supernatural manifestations always took place, like the word says God is the same God today, tomorrow, and forever, he never changes, he is faithful even when we are not. But its crazy that he showed me this is a different time and era of believers because we don’t believe or trust God strong enough like the believers did back in the day, so we don’t see God move as much because we don’t trust him enough to do so, God is still doing, and wanting to do some really radical stuff if we would believe him to, we gotta trust him while at the same time God has to know that he can trust us, and that we are sincere..
God is too awesome…

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