Is 2013 the year for “Year Round” School?

So my sister came home today, and her civics teacher had been talking to them about current events, and apparently, Michigan is suppose to be passing a bill where school will now be going “All Year Long” I have yet to find an up to date article if that is in fact true, but here is a link to a recent article from Jan,2, 2013 from the Detroit News.


This has been rumored for as long as I can remember, when I was in high school there were rumors about that, that Michigan had been thinking about it, and of course every student I’m sure was like “What the heck? Are you Serious?” I know I was, it was to crazy to even imagine, I mean school year-round, yea you get breaks every 6-weeks but that isn’t the same, as a whole summer off! But it’s crazy how times change, we change, the world changes, legislation changes, and so It really doesn’t surprise me that  it has come up again, and people are really starting to get serious about it.

Honestly, I can tell how much I have matured in that mindset, because when I was in high school back in the mid-2000’s I was appalled that we would even consider stuff like that right? But I honestly think that its great for kids, I mean the kids over in China go to school year-round and I don’t even know if they get 2 week breaks every 6-weeks and I’m sure kids over there in China are like super smart with high IQ’s.

But apparently, according to the article above, the whole idea of “summer vacation” was never intended to really be a permanent thing, but was set in place until ” global economic competition did not exist” however times have changed.

So some reasons why I think “Year-Round” school is good for Michigan. What do you guys think?

1. I believe it will raise the graduation rate especially in Detroit

2. I think it could improve the crime rates, that happen a lot during the summer

3. I think overall we will have smarter kids

4. I think less schools will close down, due to insufficient test scores 5

5. It could set MI back on the map, and improve the city of Detroit overall

6. I believe it could lower the obesity rates, shedding the pounds some kids gain during the summer

7. It eliminates kids lame excuses about being bored, no need you’ll be doing h.w all year

8. Teachers won’t have to look for other work during the summer because they will be working most of the year

9. If this was to go national I think it would do great justice for the education system in the U.S, possibly putting us at number again in the world for education

10. I just think it will have a really positive impact on our society and surrounding communities

There are some con’s to this as well, but I’ll save those for another post, but If or when I find the article or hear about it on the news about the bill signing, I’ll let you guys know!



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