D2 Pad vs. Sonic View Pad

So we all know we are in the booming digital age, jut about everything is digital, everything is an app, and you can buy virtually everything online. Its Wild! Among all of the new and latest gizmo’s and gadgets are tablet devices, everybody’s got one, and everybody wants one. However nobody wants to bust the bank or their pockets for an iPad that starts at $329 or Microsoft Tablets that start at about $499 and up, which are very respectively awesome brands, with very nice capabilities that can do a wide range of things I’m sure. But at the same time many of us, including myself, don’t feel the need to buy such an expensive piece of equipment when we not be using it for at its worth or too its maximum potential, and we just want it for some leisure time, and for small important things, school, work, things of that sort. That is the same mindset that I had in mind when I went in search for mine, and luckily my search ended as quickly as it started, and I didn’t break the bank, and came out with a pretty nice tablet.


D2 Pad

Best Prices: Amazon $79.99 w/o tax   /   Best Buy In-Store $95 w/ tax a tad bit cheaper if you buy it online from their website. comp Sonic View Pad roughly $130 in-stores

Colors: Black, White, Pink. (Though it seems pink has been discontinued by what I saw on the website) I have the color pink its pretty awesome! 🙂 comp Sonic View Pads don’t come in pink

For those of us who are really spec techs those specs are listed below straight from http://www.d2pad.info/

Color Black
UPC 843636005748
Operating System Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor 1.2 GHz, Single Core
Memory 1 GB DDRIII
Storage 4 GB NAND Flash
Display Capacitive Multi-touch LCD Screen / 7″ (16:9″), 800 X 480, WVGA
Network 802.11 b/g/n
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery / 3000 mAh (Up to 6 Hours)
G-Sensor Yes
Support Formats MP3/ WMA/ MP2/ OGG/ AAC/ M4A/ MA4/ FLAC/ 3GP/ WAV/ AVI/ H.264/ DIVX/ XVID/ RM/
Camera 0.3 MP Front Camera
Speaker Internal Stereo Speaker
Ports Mini USB
Standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack
1 x Micro SD card slot (Support up to 32 GB)
Accessories Mini USB Cable
Adapter, 5V / 2A
User Manual
Unit Dimension 194 x 120 x 9.9 mm (7.6 x 4.7 x 0.38 inch)
Unit Weight 320 g (0.7 pounds)

The D2 tablet comes with a lot of pre-built in apps some of which are for children, since its a somewhat children tablet, but those apps can be removed and customized to your liking. You can check out some of these on the D2 Pad website. 

OK so I have had my tablet now for about a month, so I will go through some of the specs of the D2 tablet, and let it you know how they are doing!


So far I have been very impressed with the memory of this tablet, I have a fair amount of videos, and pictures and apps on my tablet, and so far I haven’t gotten any error messages saying that I am low on space, however at the same time I am not a gamer, I don’t download a lot of game apps, being a college student I have apps that fit my needs and as far as games simple like temple run, or virtual family, and maybe a couple other, but not too many, I have yet to test the memory capabilities on my tablet just yet. Its has about GB of space which isn’t too bad, although the standard is about 2-4 GB’s now, but that can be resolved by simply buying a small micro SD card that goes into the slot of your tablet for holding my space! compare. the Sonic View Pads have only about 512Mb of memory, those of who I know who have the Sonic Tablets cannot download many apps at all, even with a 2 GB mirco SD card.


I am really impressed as well with the Internal Store of the D2 tablets, nothing to say bad in this department so far. compare. The sonic View Pads have the same amount of storage space, however still doesn’t really compare with the D2 Pads.

Battery Life

This has been a concern of mine that I am still trying to work out, and get the best and good amount of battery, for most of us we like to take our tablets out and about, and who wants to drag along a wall charger? Ew gross right? I charge my tablet between 6-8 hours every day, however after taking it off the charger and maybe using it for I don’t know maybe 2-3 hours it hasn’t eaten almost entirely all of my battery life. So I often don’t use it in public. Now according to the website there are some things you can do to help preserve battery life, they are listed below, I have tried some of these and they have worked out pretty good, however I am still not fully satisfied with the battery life, but if I come up with some other things I’ll let you guys know. Compare: The Sonic View Pads have pretty good battery life if fully charged they can last 4-6 hours, without continuous use of course. 

The Android™ Mobile Technology Platform was conceived such that the device can be woken up from suspend triggered from applications (ex: check emails every 10mn). As a consequence if you have network applications running in the background (that are auto launched at boot) that are network hungry (ex: checking the weather every 2 minutes) this will have an impact on the battery drain. If you are not using the Wi-Fi, shut it off. A screen set to maximum brightest also drains energy from the device. Set your device as well to have its screen go off after 2 minutes of non-use. These things will help your battery conserve energy.


The D2 comes up as a disappointment with the camera, there is only a camera on the front of the device, and not the back, so taking pictures of others is virtually impossible and is a turn off for me. However the camera quality is not that pad, probably isn’t as good as a iPad but it does the job for purposes for it which aren’t many except for like instagram pictures, and skyping. Compare: The Sonic View Pad does have a camera built on the front of back, however from what I’ve heard it has some issues where pictures taken on the tablet don’t show up in the gallery, a problem for one user that has not been resolved. Also the camera on the View pads are terrible and that is from personal experience, they don’t do well in low lighting, and there is a lot of grain in the photos, resolution sucks as well. ( that enough photography jargon )


I have had no issues with downloading any apps for my tablet, though the tablet uses the android Ice Cream system it does not come with the android market for purchasing apps, it comes with a market called Mobile 1, and you also have the option of connecting your amazon account to purchase apps from amazon, Google play services are not available. However these are pretty good markets and my tablet has no issues with downloading or installing any apps. Also an issue that I have with my tablet is that when trying to open certain apps they tend to crash a lot and they need to be reopened, which is not a big winner for me, but other than that good. Compare: The Sonic View Pads are not able to hold many apps without an SD card, also the Mobile 1 market tends to crash and apps don’t install successfully often enough. 

Power Button

At times my D2 Pad is non responsive where it does not want to cut on when I push the power button or plug it in the wall with the charger, this can be resolved by simply pressing and holding your power button until you tablet comes on.

Internet Browser

The Internet Browser on the D2 Pads is just a regular browser not Google chrome or Internet Explorer, I don’t really care for it too much however I don’t really use often anyway. It tends to crash a lot, and it takes a min for it to browse to your page, but not before telling you a problem has occurred do you want to wait or close the browser. But you can make your own judgement about it and there are some ways of getting around using it.


Over the D2 pad is a pretty good tablet for the good price of being under $100, it works great forgetting things done that I need done, some complaints but not many I def recommend this tablet to parents, college students. ect.; The Sonic View Pad on the other had has some great qualities however, it doesn’t fit what I was looking for, and it was over my budget range, and it doesn’t seem worth the price either.

So I hope this has helped you guys for those of you looking to purchase a new tablet.



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