Online Degree vs. Traditonal Education: The Quality of Education


I’ve been a college student now for about 4 years now, nearly on the verge of graduation,  my college experience started out as many do, however took a few turns and leaps, and I’ve had to adjust in many ways. The ways in which I have done so was going from spending 3 1/2 years at a traditional University, Wayne State University in particular, though as a commuter student. Where the atmosphere was, crowded, lively, typical campus life, being there for as long as I was I never had any second thoughts about it, about my quality of education or anything of the sort.

One thing that you often hear about is online classes, online degrees, and I’ve often heard that this is a very good route that many have to take as a convenience to them, while still being able to earn their degrees with quality. I had even taken a couple online courses while at Wayne State University, and didn’t think that they were half bad.

So the start of 2012, I ventured into this world of online schooling, moving forward to finish my degree online, since that time I have attended Devry University and Davenport University, as a online student.

First Off, Online schooling is not what it is all cracked up to be, yes it is pretty good, and it is convenient,however it was a major adjustment that I had to make going from taking traditional courses on a University Campus to taking accelerated 6-7 week courses.

For some this is good, because you finish the courses faster, and your able to move on to your next set of courses more quickly, but for me and probably some others, it was not such a good experience, I am at this point in time where I want to get the most out of my education, its not about just finishing the course to say “hey I did it” and I’ll never use this information again, no, these courses are apart of my career, it is what I will learn in these courses that will better help and set me on the career path I choose, I don’t want to fly by it and lose anything.

That is how I felt with my courses, very critical courses I believed, flew by too fast, the work load was more than the average 16 week courses in a traditional Univeristy, in fact it was doubled, there was times we would move so quickly in the course, that I was only completing the assignments to get done, and not doing the readings to gain the knowledge and understanding. There were times at the end of a course where I felt I had learned nothing and realized I had paid thousands of dollars but didn’t understand why. I felt I was cheated, and felt such a nerve that what I was supposed to obtain in the course I didn’t and that took away from what I need to know towar my career.

However, I can say that at times, I finished a course, and I felt good about it, I felt I took away from it, the material was solid, and unwavering because the material the professor covered was excellent and not rushed allowing the student to grasp the understanding and knowledge and not simply overbearing them with too much information that nothing is obtained, oddly sometimes it was the courses that I really couldn’t use that much in my career but enjoyed them nonetheless.

I won’t just entirely down grade online education because for some it works, for some it works out, and everything with traditional education is not all roses and daisies. In traditional Universities sometimes courses are given that have nothing to do with your career however have to be taken, and this is the same with online courses as well. Depending on the major you take in Traditonal Univerisities you can spend hundreds of dollars of supplies and materials in a course, that a future employer won’t find useful or valuable at all.

I know there were times that I complained about Traditional Universities, and I think that I will continue, because I am appalled why students have to take so many courses a lot of the time that won’t help them in their career, I like to get straight to the point, but everything is a process, and a step, so I just have to going along and make provisions, and adjust, and take in everything I need to and jus t learn.

Although I may complain I didn’t realize how much I would miss Traditional Universities until after I left, and that is where I plan to finish out my undergraduate and master degrees, it is just something about traditional courses that mean so much more for me than online at this time.

This is a very complex issue I believe, because all the time we are seeing New online degrees being offerred every where, even for some Universities, they are offerring the opportunity for students to earn online degrees through the University, for example, Davenport University.

At the end of the day, it’s not about where you are it’s about where your going.

However, this was my own opinion, I am sure others may feel/think differently, be sure to share your thoughts below.


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