Can’t No One Tell Me God Isn’t Real…

Today I read an awesome story today, about a little 7 yr old, who was on a pinic with his family, and mistakenly wandered off when he was picking flowers for his mother, and he got lost in the woods. It was so good to hear today that after 24hrs the little one was found safe and sound, and reunited with his family.

What was so awesome about the story was that, the little boy had survived almost near freezing temperatures, apparently as he was picking flowers, a kangaroo approached him, and began eating the flowers right from his hands, and eventually the kangaroo fell asleep near a tree, and so the little boy actually ended up falling asleep as well keeping himself warm through the night.

Now no where would you hear of a story about a kangaroo of all animals actually approaching a human let alone falling asleep near one, and allowing a human to fall asleep snuggled up with it, maybe if it were a femal kangaroo I could understand a little bit, but I’m just not buying it, I am fully convinced that, that little one was fully protected by God, I believed God gave the little boy peace,because they didn’t mention him crying, or panicking or anything, the kangaroo either, God protected him, covered him, watched over him, and brought him back to his family, it was just a pure miracle in my eyes.

It really just warmed my heart, I was over joyed for someone I didn’t even know, things like that just don’t happen and always end well, and I could relate how upset and sad the parents must have been with myself having a 8 yr old sibling, I know it had to be devastating, but I just know no one could ever tell me God isn’t real, and that he doesn’t look out for his children.





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