The Uglies Movie In Pre-Production: Role-Pics

So, first off I love Scott Westerfield Novels, My favorites being “The Midnighter’s” if you haven’t read the Trilogies please do they are AWESOME! And of course my top favorite is the “Uglies” Trilogy which includes “The Uglies”, “The Pretties”, “The Specials”, and “The Extras”. I was super stoked when I had heard of Movie rumors for the Uglies back in 2011, around the time when I became aware of the novels and started reading, but I was upset when I didn’t hear any updates about it. But low and behold the rumors have surfaced again however it comes straight from the author himself Scott Westerfield read the article So you can imagine how I felt when my sister informed me about this I was over joyed, LOL so I immediately started thinking of some good actors and actresses that might play some of the characters within the novels pretty good, I am have a line up, of some of the main characters but if you guys think I can do better please feel free, let me know!


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