#EpicFailAlert Representing The Confederate Flag is NOT a Fashion Statement

kanye-west-confederate-flag-t-shirtI don’t’ know if some people are just plain ignorant, or just stupid, I’m going to go with ignorant to keep it nice, why would Kanye West walk around with the confederate flag as a “fashion statement” what? Saying he reps it from his own abstract understanding of slavery, and using it as part with his song “New Slaves” after reading the lyrics the song basically sums up that Blacks are slaves to materialistic things these days, and are becoming puppets in a “white society” I don’t know,  bunch of crap, but I can see you trying to “make a point” which is your opinion about the old ways of slavery no longer existing however it now comes in a different form with mindsets and materialistic things, however the confederate flag brings these inferences to mind for me, “rebellion” “selfishness” and “division” and the south wanting to not abolish slavery and to keep the black people down, and they continue to keep their standard of living, so this flag doesn’t represent anything good for African Americans, during that time, it would have been an insult and evoked violence, and it obviously is still a big issue today, after someone was seen waving one in Washington D.C  in relations with Veterans, so why is it ok to represent this?

Why would anyone want to, blacks or whites, because to me it represented a time of great destruction, turmoil and death, and for a time, a divided nation. I know this is a serious topic but from my own personal research this is just what I gather about the situation, and Kanye is just on a whole other level, and some of the viewpoints that he presents in his lyrics are questionable but that is an entirely whole new issue. People might want to call it art, or freedom of speech but I call it dumb, choose what you choose to represent carefully, because what you see as being a “abstract interpenetration of what you understand about it” understand that not everyone feels the same way that you do, and not everyone who follows your music career will even care to know, some will be influenced by your viewpoints and take those beliefs or values as their own not evening knowing what they’re doing or saying. Don’t parade around implying that you are a God or on the level of the “Christian God” because you have so much money, power, domination, and influence apparently, because of where you are in your career and your success, but then turn around and insult the majority of those that listen to your music saying they are “New Slaves” because we know you’re not talking about the independent, successful African Americans, no you couldn’t be targeting them.

Would it be more valuable to influence a race of people whom you say is bound to someone or something by encouraging them, finding others ways so that they can break free of that mentality, I know everyone makes their own choices in life, seeing as we have free will, however since its so apparent people are influenced by various factions including media and celebrities, let’s try to empowering, I guess let’s try that. Otherwise don’t rant about what you’re not contributing to, to change, for you it’s about the power, fame, and money it seems, so would that imply still that you too are in a form of slavery, that your “New Slavery” applies to you as well,  however in a different form? Now I’m not condemning Ye for wanting success because we all would like to have that sense of accomplishment however the ways in which we go about doing so is different, and the words we speak are very powerful. I just found what Kanye was wearing offensive and ridiculous, the same for someone who thought it was OK to wave it in Washington D.C for some sort of political stance, rubbish, we have to do better than this, I’m not all into politics, and I guess I have sort of a valid reason. Sorry in advance if this article offends anyone, or if someone thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about, just my own inference.


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