Personal Commitment Statement

IMG_20130221_142415_edit0Students all over the world have many different reasons of wanting to accomplish educational goals, and move towards to accomplish them. It could want to have a high paying to job that pays good money, it could want to have the luxuries of life, and to enjoy them. Some students make goals just so that they are educated in the field that they are studying. What ever the reason people make educational goals there is always a reason why they do. When it comes to the educational goals of my own personal life it isn’t any of the reasons I’ve mentioned before, my reasons are quite different than others. I set goals not only to be educated but to prove a point and make my parents proud. There are many statistics that tell the truth about education in the black societies (national center for educational how black students have lower rates in mathematics, and reading because of their environments or racial backgrounds. Also that African Americans have lower rates in the amount of students that attend college which overall affects their educational and economic outcomes.

few of the educational goals I make for myself would have to in all my learning get the understanding of what I’m learning. Not for me to study just to have the knowledge of it for one day, but to study to have the knowledge of something for eternity. I make the goal to be an astute leader and a bright student in everything that I do. That I would maintain a good grade point average, but the most important goal that I have made for myself is to be a compassionate person to everyone in all that I do. It is evident that what ever you sow you will eventually reap, if I sow compassion, love, friendships, encouraging words, and the things that someone might need, I believe that those same things will be given back to me, but better. Considering others feelings and opinion are far more important than my own, strengthening others and lifting them up Is important to me.

With saying that, my feeling of compassion for others ties into what my personal commitments are. I am Christian and growing and maturing in Christ is all about learning and compassion. God teaches me that I should walk in the fruits of righteousness which are peace, patience, kindness, long suffering, goodness, self-control, temperance, joy, which all is related to one word Love. Having love for someone is also to have compassion too, so my ultimate commitment is to walk in these ways. Also for me stay committed to God who is my savior, protector, and provider in my life. He brought me from the darkness into the marvelous light and to serve him is my reasonable service.

My life as an African American teenager isn’t easy for me at all. I’ve had to endure through many obstacles that have tried to hinder me and some still are. I’ve went through so much with family, friends, and my education. It took me a long time for me to get my priorities straight and come back to reality which is now and not living in fantasy world. Issues dealing with my body, my emotions, my troubles, my mind are things that I am overcoming each day, but not with my own efforts but with strength from God. God strength and presences are the things that humble me and keep me moving towards the goal, which God has called me heaven bound. Just with those few things I exceed above all in all in my academic excellence. I look at things from the inside out and not from the outside looking in, and I keep with me words of encouragement from my dad “To get something you never had you have to do something you never did.

Jasmine M. Shavers


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